3 Things

2009-10-05 18:16:23 by ultima09

1.How is this against the rules?

"This message is to inform you that the following review, which you left for Madness Accelerant on 9/23/09 at 7:58:26 PM, has been deleted
Score: 4 / 10
Summary: Not that good
Review: I will say the artwork looked good but I can look at it fully due to the game being a GRAPHICS HOG. I agree with what bkdude is saying and both the controls and the bosses are lacking. This was crap. Sorry Tom but try again next year.
Please review the review guidelines in the FAQ to ensure that you're following the rules and to prevent any further action being taken against other reviews you make."

2. Backstory: At a fundraising event, this group of people released a set of balloons. Each balloon is said to represent one orphan child.

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2009-10-05 18:31:19

It's abusive because you said "this was crap" If you left that part out of the review, it would've been fine.

ultima09 responds:

Kinda stupid dont you think, its not being abusive, Im just giving my opinion.


2009-10-24 20:10:00

1.You put "this is shit" in the review.

2.Funny video

3.Not going there, looks like virustopia.

ultima09 responds:

Aww, I havent Gotten a Single virus.